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Roughneck & Roughneck Gorilla


Established in L.A., California in 1976, Roughneck® tools are synonymous with quality, durability, innovation and value.

The trusted choice of the construction trade professional, Roughneck® is the UK brand leader in wrecking and demolition bars, including the world famous ‘Gorilla Bars’, the original, best known and best quality bars you can buy.


Tough World, Tough Tools
Tough tools that set the standard for quality and durability.
Designed for trade professionals who need to get the job done.
At Roughneck® 's core is a range of striking and demolition, landscaping, and building tools, known for being built to last even in the very toughest of conditions.
Roughneck® understands that the trade needs tools they can rely on, that downtime is costly, and is dedicated to ensuring quality and dependability at every step.
Making Roughneck® the trusted choice of the construction trade professional.

Tougher By Design
Roughnecks toughest, most innovative tools yet, designed to help the trade professional work smarter, faster and safer.
Including the world-famous ‘Gorilla Bar’, Roughneck® Gorilla upholds the fundamental principle that continuous improvement is key to delivering excellence.
‚ÄčOptimising product design, adding additional functionality and innovation, to problem solve and offer the maximum benefit to the end user.

Product Innovation
Roughnecks highly experienced product development team follow a meticulous process from prototype to production.
An unrelenting focus on product innovation, fuelled by a comprehensive consumer-led research and development program.
They work closely alongside trade professionals to identify ways to improve performance through advances in material, technology and design.

Roughneck® Gorilla Sledge Hammers have taken sledges to the next level, featuring a unique head design for outstanding versatility and performance.
The innovative dome shaped striking point concentrates force and maximises power in every strike for more effective demolition.
The extra-large front striking face assists in reducing misstrikes, while the side striking faces are ideal for use on wooden fence posts.

Serious shovels!
The serrated cutting edges on the Roughneck® round shovels make them ideal for slicing through roots, opening bulk bags of aggregate, and bags of cement.
The new comprehensive range is packed full of features designed to make the job easier and offer the ultimate in quality and strength.


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